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Civil Litigation

Offering expert advice on the litigation options available in Barbados, The firm is adept at managing complex document-intensive matters and cross-jurisdictional legal questions. Focusing on a win-win situation, the practice directs its efforts at meeting the needs of the client and providing a results oriented solution.


Ms. Douglin is a proponent of Alternative Dispute Resolution and is a qualified mediator. Alternative Dispute Resolution has several benefits over and above the traditional Court system including but not limited to reduced time within the Court system, possible decreased costs and the ability to craft a client led solution.


The practice ensures that clients are kept abreast of every development in the matter and understands the entire process from the filing of the Statement of Claim or Defence through to resolution of the matter.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start a Lawsuit?

In order to initiate a lawsuit and commence the legal proceedings, the Claimant must first file a Claim Form with the court, often accompanied with a Statement of Claim. In response, the Defendant will be expected to file with the court a pleading of their own, namely, a “Defence”.

How long does a lawsuit take from start to finish?

It is impossible to answer this question definitively as each lawsuit is particular. Some cases can last for several years. It is always a good option to seek alternative dispute resolution for another method of settling your case.

What kinds of things should I consider before pursuing a civil lawsuit?

There are a few important questions you should ask.


First of all, do you have a valid claim? A valid claim is one where the grievance can be resolved by legal action.


Next, do you have sufficient evidence of your claim? You should objectively analyze your chances. Do you have the evidence? Witnesses?


Is your claim within the relevant limitation period? In Barbados, the law requires you to bring a suit within a certain period.


Can the lawsuit in fact solve your problem? Litigation may take years. The time, money and effort involved in a lawsuit are not always worth it.